Sunday, 3 July 2022


Hello dear friends, hope you are well

There are many reasons why we look for new clothes.  Sometimes it is just a necessity to replace an old garment, other times it is for a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary dinner and sometimes we do it just for fun .
Case in point, my today's outfit.  I was aimlessly wandering along the aisles of Zara waiting for my Pilates class to commence, when I stumbled upon these pants. Just looking at this fun print made me smile and I simply couldn't resist the urge to buy them.  As I was heading toward the cash register, I made a quick mental check of what could I wear them with and decided that I need something equally outrageous to go match their vibe.   
And just them my eyes caught an oversized blouse in extremely loud orange colour hanging on a nearby rack (it was very difficult to miss such a bright colour, wouldn't you agree?😃)  and I immediately knew that it would have to do.
I hastily paid for my new purchases and rushed to the gym but all I could think of during the class was how this outfit would turn out.
The moment I stepped inside my home, I went to my room to try it on.  I loved both pieces, the blouse looks a bit long but that this is the length de jour at the moment.  Besides, I can always tie it in around the waist if I want to make it look shorter.
When I looked at myself in a mirror, two images sprang to mind:  Elvis Presley (coincidentally, the Elvis movie had just been released throughout Australia, that's probably why I was thinking of him 😃) and a famous poster of John Travolta in the Saturday Night Fever movie.
And it was then that I decided to have some fun.  I grabbed my husband's guitar, donned big brassy rings on all of my fingers and pretended that I am Elvis Presley.
Once I was done with him, I moved on to imitate Travolta's most recognisable stance which, I must say with all honesty, looks likes like an easy thing to do but turned out to be quite tricky, especially when I was trying to stay still while my husband was taking photos.  I was having great fun all through the photo-shoot and that's what fashion is about.
Have a great week.

Until then,



  1. What a fun outfit! You are slaying this look.

  2. I like to do it for fun!! You look fabulous Anna!

  3. Oh Anna, I adore everything about this outfit - and this very cool photoshoot. So much fun!


  4. The pants are fabulous and I adore the orange blouse with them. The guitar is the icing on the cake with this look!

  5. Such a fun outfit and pictures! I don't do much impulse buys anymore unless I am on vacation! Love it!

  6. You look fabulous, and I'm digging the Elvis vibe...nailed it! :)


  7. Wow! Totally rocked this look and love all these fun photos. Great find on both these pieces!

    Maureen |

  8. Wow those pants ARE fun!! And the orange top is the perfect piece to pair them with. LOVING the shots with the guitar!

    Allie of

  9. This outfit is so much fun! My can see immediately why you were drawn to both of these fabulous pieces!

  10. This is such a fun outfit! the printed pants look great with the bright bold orange shirt :)

    Thank you for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you are having a nice weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  11. thank you Mica, the weather in Sydney is horrible. Hope yours is much more pleasant :)

  12. What a fantastic outfit! I love both the trousers and the shirt...and your fun poses! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx