Sunday, 13 December 2020


Hello dear friends, hope you are all well and getting excited with the Christmas festivities just around the corner.  I know how we all are patiently waiting for 2020 to end in the hope that 2021 will be so much better 🎄.
We  are so lucky in Australia, there are no locally transmitted COVID cases and the restrictions rules have been eased dramatically.  We still need to register our names every time we enter public premises such as a restaurant or a movie house and you can occasionally see people wearing face masks around big shopping centers but you can hear a collective sigh of relief from Australians realising that we managed to combat COVID 👍👍👍.
However, we are still unable to travel overseas nor do we allow any international tourists to come to our shores.  We are stranded in our own country which means that when it comes to holidays the only option is left to us is to do it locally.   As a rule, we tend to spend more holiday time overseas but truth be told, I don't think it's such a bad idea to travel domestically, helping fellow Australians to rebuild their business and our economy and exploring the land that we call home. 
My husband and I are now more tuned to local events and jump at every opportunity to leave the house and discover something new whether it is a new exhibition, movie screening or a visit to a new artisan market.  
Last week, for example, my husband and I went to visit a new addition to the string of Sydney museums,  Chau Chuk Museum that just recently opened on the grounds of the University of Sydney.  The information page of their website informed us that the museum hosts a vast amount of exhibits from private collections representing art, science, history and ancient cultures and we were quite keen to see it for ourselves 👀.  
The last time I visited the University of Sydney was a while ago when we attended my oldest daughter's graduation ceremony and it looks as magnificent I remembered:  bright green manicured lawns, clean pathways, imposing architecture of surrounding halls and outbuilding, their walls covered in ivy leaves.
My outfit of the day was a pair of trousers from Reiss paired with a pink silk blouse (old), over-shoulder jumper (old) and the same pair of sneakers previously worn here.  If you follow my blog, you might recall that I made quite a few purchases from Reiss at the beginning of the year when the big "end of season sale" was on.  
Out of this pile, you have seen me wearing the dress (seen here) and the blouse (seen here) and now is a turn for my last purchase.  I really like the geometrical print on these straight fit pants and a draw-string waist is very comfortable and has an easy feel about it.  The other bonus was that they are super versatile and look as stylish worn with sneakers as well as with a pair of heels.
We had a very interesting time at the museum, viewing artefacts representing different eras and empires some of them over three thousand years old.  Every time I see something that old, it blows my mind away just thinking how smart, creative and skilful our ancestors were!!! 
There was a nice cafe on the premises where we had a very pleasant lunch and afterwards went for a very pleasant walk around the grounds, taking pictures and enjoying the beauty of the surroundings.  All and all we had a lovely day breaking the monotonous routine that we all involuntarily are currently living in.  Mission accomplished 👍.
Outfit details:
Trousers - Reiss
Blouse - Zara (old)
Sneakers - LV Frontrow
Hand bag - Furla
Sunglasses - Prada
Until then,



Thursday, 3 December 2020


Good morning, dear friends, hope are all well and smiling
I scored this white blouse with a zip pocket from a sale at Reiss.  I love this brand from England for its timeless elegance and outstanding craftsmanship and have already scored a dress that I really enjoy wearing everywhere I go (worn here).  
There are a couple of features that makes this blouse stand out from the crowd:  a small zip pocket and a silver zip that goes from the top to the bottom of the front of the blouse over a row of buttons.  
It has such an easy fit, you just put it on and walk out of the house feeling good about yourself.  Contrary to a model, who wore it tucked in into silky dress pants over high heel shoes, I went the other way and wore it with my wide-leg pants and my new pair of Louis Vuitton sneakers (one of my birthday gifts from my husband 😍).
I didn't intend to wear a coat or a scarf, just grabbed them when I was almost out the door but it came handy as despite the bright sunny day, the weather was rather nippy.
Outfit details:  
Blouse - Reiss