Sunday, 25 April 2021


 Hello everyone, hope you are doing well

By following the blogs of my English friends, I learned that the things in Britain are looking good 😄:  the businesses are starting to open up and people can move more freely and do a lot of things they were not able to do for a long, long time.

We Australians, consider ourselves extremely lucky as we practically got rid of locally transmitted Covid-19.  Our borders are still shut to the world😞 and the only people who are allowed to cross them are Australian nationals returning home.  

Do you remember my new RL black double breasted blazer that I recently shared with you here?  As our weather is cooling down, I am relying more and more on its presence in my wardrobe.  I am wearing it with almost everything, thanks to its versatility which brings me to today's outfit.

It is another monochromatic outfit but this time it's in reverse, i.e. black on the top, white on the bottom.  I love wearing white denim pants and judging by the number of outfit images shared on various media platforms, so do many other women, and not just in the warm months but even in winter.

The top is above mentioned RL black double-breasted blazer (new), all other elements of this outfit are old and have been shown before in various posts.

Have a great week ahead

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Thursday, 15 April 2021


 Hello dear friends, hope you are well.

I had quite a busy week.  My grandson just turned two months and I thought it was high time to introduce him to my extended family.  BC (before COVID) times, they would just roll up at the hospital the next day after his birth bearing gifts, flowers and best wishes and it would be all.  Now, with the restrictions limiting the number of visitors to just two at time and the time that the mother and a new born stay at the hospital is shortened to the necessary minimum, some of them didn't even have a chance to stop by.  Then my daughter didn't want to have anything till his first vaccination, then there was Pesach closely followed by Easter and at long last, the date was set.  

Traditionally, it's the young parents who would host such an occasion with the help of grandparents, of course, however, unluckily for me, my daughter wasn't interested in doing anything at all which I kind of understand, what with looking after two children under school age and all, so I took it upon myself to take charge and have it at my home.  

I prepped, chopped, sliced, marinated and cooked loads of food for twenty people (eighteen of mine +my two in-laws).  My husband took a rain over BBQ while I was playing a role of the hostess with the mostest 😋. 

We both felt totally exhausted by the end of the big day but everyone seemed to be enjoying  themselves judging by the number of phone calls and messages I received from my guests afterwards thanking me for having a good time.  Mission accomplished👍👍👍. 

Although the Australian summer season is officially over,  the days are surprisingly warm and we can still wear our light clothes.  Speaking of light clothes, this summer season the most commonly worn fabric on the fashion scene was linen.  

I have never seen so many women dressed in linen smocks or men wearing linen shirts and shorts since my last trip to Italy.  I wasn't going to jump on this wagon until I saw these black cropped linen pants from Pingpong.  

The problem with having too many black pants is that quite often they look almost identical unless there is some distinctive feature that will tell them apart.  In the case of my new trousers, it was the presence of white pearl decorative buttons that set makes them look different that caught my eye.

This outfit is rather obvious, a never failed old time favourite black and white combo from head to toe.  The blouse is from Reiss that I previously modelled for you here, I like the striking contrast of these two colours:  white blouse against black pants punctuated by the big white pearl buttons all the way dawn to my black&white LV sneakers.  Even my off-white Furla handbag comes with a black trim around it 😀.

Hopefully the weather will hold a little longer so I can give my new purchase a whole run.

Till the next post, dear friends



Sunday, 11 April 2021


Hello everyone, how are you all

Today’s post is not much about clothes but more about home décor.  I don’t think I ever mentioned it but home styling and decorating is one of my passions and I am more than happy when my friends seek my advice on this subject.  I also run a small consultancy business where I advise my clients on colour schemes and accessories and help them in sourcing furniture, textiles and art which brings me to the subject of today’s post.


Recently I was asked to collaborate by a company called Photowall where I was offered to have one of their works of my choice.   I was quite interested to find out what type of images are on offer in case one of my clients would ask me to help them to choose an artwork suitable for their home so as you can see this collaboration was right up my alley.

I wasn’t familiar with this company before.  As the name suggests, they specialise in printing artworks of your choice that could be framed (and you can choose from white, black or a natural appearance) or an unframed picture, with or without a border, you can have it printed on canvas or as a poster.  You can also select the size of your artwork.  Their library is enormous, there over twenty categories on offer, covering all sorts of tastes and interests:  nature, mystic, architecture, cities and places, children, food & drink, just to name a few, some of them contain more than thousand choices but if that cannot satisfy your demand,  you can ask them to customise and print an image of your own.  


Some people like to scroll through the whole library just waiting until something catches their eye, others would know exactly what they are looking for.  Either way, once you decided on the image you would like to purchase, you will be asked to choose its appearance, i.e. would you like to have it printed on canvas or paper, framed or unframed etc.  All steps are pretty straight forward and each option can be clearly seen on the screen.  All the steps are pretty straight forward and once the invoice is paid, the final artwork can be at your door within the next 3 days, depending of what type of delivery you paid for.

In my case, I knew exactly what I wanted.  My daughter and her partner are renovating a kitchen/dining area of their home as we speak and this image of ripe figs that I chose for them would be perfect for this part of their house. 


Meanwhile I am incorporating it into a small vignette above my antique wooden cabinet that my husband schlepped all the way from South Africa.  Do not you think this image is lovely? I am sure, my daughter would be happy to have it on her wall.


You can view the Photowall work by clicking on the link.  Use this code lookingfabulousatfifty25 to receive 25% discount and have fun.

If you unsure of what image to hang on your wall, I will be more than happy to help you with your enquiry.  Just send your question to my email:


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