Monday, 26 January 2015


Hello everyone,

This outfit reminds me of our holiday in Bali.  One particular night when we were sitting on the terrace of a bar overlooking the rice paddies, watching the yellow sun slowly disappear into the ocean, drinking Negroni Twist cocktail and watching the sky gradually changing its colours from bright red to inky purple like the colours on my palazzo pants.

At first I was hesitant to wear them but then one day I put them on, added a bright yellow top and when I looked at myself in the mirror my face lit up and my spirits soared.  I was in my element and those of you who follow my blog, know that I am in love with bright hues even if it is only just a red lipstick.

Who has never been admonished by the older generation with the words of wisdom such as “You must dress according to your age” at least once in his life?  When you are young and daring, your parents and teachers are constantly trying to put a stop to the way you dress and wear make-up all the time but when you finally grow up and are free of their rules and become your own person, it turns out that you are too old to wear short dresses and cut out denim shorts and the colour scheme of your clothes should be no brighter than 50 shades of grey.

Well, I decided to go against the flow and prove that this rule is not always applicable. Certainly, going out dressed top to bottom in bright hues is not everyone’s cup of tea, taking in consideration your skin complexion, hair colour and overall body shape.  However, if you do love wearing bright colours but want to play it safe, you can inject a little dose of sunny hues with a little help from your accessories.  Shoes and scarves, for example, are perfect for a colour pop without throwing you out of your comfort zone.

I totally understand that women with rather conservative tastes in clothing might think that my outfit is far too bright and frivolous for a woman my age.  The white blouse is a perfect solution for toning the colours down just a notch while the nude colour low heel closed shoes add a touch of sophistication to the outfit without killing off its summer spirit.

Anyhow, the sun is shining brightly here in OZ so I invite you to embrace the colours of summer – wear bright clothes, have a drink, enjoy the sunset and be fabulous!!!

palazzo pants, color blocking

palazzo pants for the evening

I am wearing:  ;pants - Zara, tops - Zara, handbag - Bvlgari, sandals - Urge, shoes - Dolce & Gabbana, kimono- Bali markets

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