Sunday, 19 September 2021


Hello dear friends, how are you all?

Last Sunday my husband and I decided to take a walk around CBD (Central Business District), the historical and main commercial centre of Sydney.  From Monday to Fridays it is usually full of bustling activity but quiets down over weekends but now with all the major shopping centres and luxury boutiques being shut down and majority of businesses are not working from home,  it is become absolutely deserted and looks rather sad and lost.

On the bright side, this situation has presented a perfect opportunity for those who is keen to take a closer look around this area, explore the laneways, admire the architecture and discover interesting details of the city you live in but never had a chance to do without being bumped into by someone in a hurry.  Hence, here we are.


The outfit I am wearing today is what I quite often wear to the office during the winter months but it could easily go the other way and become a casual go to look.

I have worn every element of it previously but funny enough, never in the same outfit until today.  I guess, when you are in lockdown and the only way to shop is on the net, one starts digging into the closet trying to re-invent looks and come up with something different 👍.

These wide-leg trousers are from Massimo Dutti, bought a few years ago during our last holidays in 2019 in Georgia (a former republic of the USSR, now an independent country).  It was our last one before the global pandemic ground everything to a halt.

The jumper is from Cos, it is made of pure cashmere, very soft and comfortable and its slouchy style is very adaptable.  I liked that fact that it is slightly cropped so when I put it on, my body shape is clearly defined unlike oversized tops where you can hardly see anything.  I used to wear it with a maxi knit skirt but quite like the way it looks over these wide-legged pants 👍.

My coat is from Cos too, a hand-me down from my oldest daughter and the stripy scarf was borrowed from my husband 😊.  I thought that its grey, black and white pattern would perfectly reflect the colours of my outfit.  

Have a great week ahead