Thursday, 28 May 2015


Back in the 80’s the bomber jacket was the staple that every “bad boy” had in his wardrobe. Ever since, due to its simple shape and lightweight design, the bomber jacket has secured its position as a cool classic and it comes as no wander that it is having a huge comeback as a principal wardrobe item for transitional wear for both genders.
Bomber jacket
Jeans:  J Brand
Jacket:  Lover

Keeping its true nature and style intact, ie short in the body with rather puffy sleeves and a front zipper, the modern bomber jacket brings a luxurious and fashionable vibe and versatility in a wide range of styles, colour schemes and fabric choices from luxurious expensive silky textures to swooshing nylon, from leather to lace, and from sheer to simple jersey giving us myriads of options to choose from which could become tricky when it comes to decide on which one to buy and how to wear it.

It took me quite a considerable amount of time trying to figure out which jacket suits me best and how much use can I get from it.  My choice fell on a very pretty white colour bomber jacket from “Lover” with the very distinctive texture of silk embroidery in the same colour tone for a few reasons.  First of all, because of a solid colour and rich fabric, it would give me endless opportunities for mixing and matching my bomber jacket with high and low-end items of clothing depending on the time of the day, the event or my mood.  Also, because bomber jackets tend to be quite boxy and can come across as slightly masculine, jackets in light pastel shades seem to look more feminine. 

During the day, I like to wear it with high-waisted cropped pants and lace up flats for a playful and relax look.

Bomber jacket
Pants:  Sass&Bide (I wore them here)

For a casual weekend away, I throw my bomber jacket over a pair of jeans and add a touch of panache with a beautiful silk scarf.

Bomber jacket

On a night out, I swap the flats for high heels and a pair of well cut black classic or tuxedo pants for a touch of elegance.   You can always add more glamour to your look by wearing some gorgeous necklace or other eye catching accessories.

Bomber jacket
Pants:  Fabiani (I wore them here)
The bomber jackets are fun and fresh cover-ups for women who want to mix-up glamour and modern pace of life and are irreplaceable for a transitional period.  You can wear it over your t-shirt or slightly warmer top once the temperature starts to fall.  They are great with almost any type of pants or jeans and even with skirts and dresses and I would highly recommend them to women of any age.

Bomber jacket

Wear a bomber jacket this season and you are bound to look fabulous!!!

Saturday, 9 May 2015


A few years ago, when they were hot, I bought myself a pair of moleskin skinny jeans from in a burgundy colour.  I wore them for a while and then a new trend came in and I gave my skinny jeans a break.  However, walking around Westfield Shopping Centre one rainy afternoon, I have noticed that a lot of shops still have these jeans on shelves so I blew the dust off mine and started to wear them again.

skinny jeans and high heels
Pants:  Lee
Shoes:  Ted Baker 
Coat:  High End
Luckily, thanks to my strong food and exercise ethics, I was still able to fit into my skinny jeans (remember Miranda in Sex and the City Season 6, Episode 7) and I love them. 

There are many ways you can wear your skinny jeans.  They are hugely adaptable, comfortable to wear and can be very flattering if the style and fit are right.  You can wear them during the day or night, casual or smart, rock or chic, all depending on what you pair them with and what accessories you choose for the outfit.

Top:  God save the Queen

For the regular day’s activities, I wear them with ballet flats for comfort and support and with a jacket.  For more significant affairs, I choose to compromise comfort for fashion and glam my feet in bright pink high heel shoes (the combination of high heels and skinny jeans is a winning recipe to make your legs look longer).

Jacket&Shirt:  Zara
Shoes:  Salvatore Ferragamo
One of my favourite looks is to wear my skinny jeans with white crisp puffy shirt (long live Jerry Seinfeld) or with a sheer tunic-like blouse.

Don’t believe the myth that the skinny jeans are designed only for skinny people.  It is just a matter of choosing the right cut, size, style and colour.  Choose them correctly and you are bound to look fabulous!!!