Thursday, 5 February 2015


I have always loved the colour orange.  It makes me feel happy, reminds me of the sunny days of summer and most importantly, it flatters my skin tone, as it does for other types, bringing a natural glow and radiance to the skin. 

orange + animal prints

I am often asked how to find what a particular colour matches with.  My advice is to look at the colour wheel.   As a rule, the colour in question is best to be paired with the colours that sit on the right and left of the colour in question.  These are called harmonious colours.  If you are after a strong contrast of colours and wish to create a dramatic statement, go for the colours that sit exactly on the opposite side on the colour wheel.  These are called complimentary colours.

orange +black+white
Top: Simona
Skirt:  Zara (I wore it here)
Shoes:  Louis Vuitton (I wore it here)

Another way to enhance the beauty of this strong hue is to wear it together with similarly strong pattern such as with animal prints or with with a black and white motif and keep the accessories to a minimum.

color blocking, orange shift dress

And despite the fact that it was trendy a few years ago, I still love to wear my orange shirt or skirt and put on my shockingly bright orange Dolce & Gabanna sling backs.

orange +animal prints+black+white
Skirt:  Karen Millen
Top:  D&G
Shoes:  Dolce & Gabbana

orange slingbacks, orange+animal print