Monday, 14 June 2021


Hello dear friends, hope you are doing well.

Now that the COVID restrictions in Australia have been eased dramatically, our lives are almost back to BC (before COVID), alas overseas travel is still wishful thinking 😞, it’s time to bring back a little glamour.  

Speaking of which, have you by any chance happened to watch Halston miniseries on Netflix?  I am totally fascinated by his vision, the beauty of his creations, his enormous talent and driving ambition that helped him to rise to international fame during the 70's.  Pity about cocaine though, that initially was the starting point of his downfall😢.

I learned a few quite interesting aspects about Halston's life including the fact that his muse, Elsa Peretti, became a great jewellery designer for Tiffany's and when I looked her up on Google, it made me realise that a couple of pieces of jewellery that my husband has bought for me from the House of Tiffany were designed by her.  

Going back to today's outfit, it’s a funny fact, but it is only in recent years that I developed a taste for sparkles and other shiny fabrics (just check out the dress I wore for my last birthday party here) so it was no brainer that when I spotted this little black number twinkling under the bright spotlights of an H&M store, I grabbed it off the rack and went straight to the counter to pay for it. I was taken slightly by surprise that my husband liked it too so it became a keeper 👍.  

Apart from the presence of sparkles all over this jacket, its cropped silhouette adds an urban edge to it and would look great paired with white or black jeans and a t-shirt and could be worn during the day as well.  The reason these photos are taken indoors is that the weather outside is not photo-shoot friendly and I really wanted to share this post with you hence you get a glimpse of my home.

The silk red pants that I am wearing are quite old, I was quite pleased if not somewhat surprised to see that they still fit.  I was expecting the worst. They are from Equipment, I love their colour and cut, unfortunately, they crease quite a lot but it comes with the territory, I guess.  Ditto my old Christian Louboutin open toe shoes that you have seen me wearing quite often in the past.  I think the last time it was in 2019.  

My handbag is a belated gift from my niece, it’s from Tory Burch and is more a wallet on a chain since it does not fit anything thicker than credit cards or a driver’s licence.

And that is it for today’s post.

Would you like wearing shiny sparkling clothes? Please do share your thoughts in the comments below.


Until then


I am pleased to announce that this post was featured on Links à la Mode fashion roundup by Independent Fashion Bloggers.

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