Thursday, 6 September 2018


Hi everyone, hope you are all well.

The end of August has heralded the official end of Australian winter and with this came the urge to refresh the spring wardrobe.
I didn't mean a total wardrobe overhaul but I wanted a fresh pair of white jeans and maybe some shoes.  From reading the posts of my fellow fashion bloggers, I gathered that a lot of you also love white jeans and wear them quite often.  Last year I purchased a pair of white skinny denims from one of my favourites, J Brand, which you've seen me wearing here and here.
This year I was on the lookout for something different.  Once while shopping at our local department store for something else, I spotted a pair of jeans from J Brand that have some interesting details that made them stand out from the rest:  they were cropped and raw hemmed with flare bottoms that were split on the sides.
I have previously purchased a couple of pants from this brand and I like what they make for good quality, fresh style and perfect fitting.  In fact, in my last post the cargo pants I was wearing are also from J Brand.  They come at a price besides it was in the middle of winter and I was not in the mood for spring shopping yet so I left them hanging on the rack.
A month later when I decided to begin my spring shopping, the main stock was sold out but there were a few odd pairs, the ones that I liked among them, left hanging on the rack marked "Sale" at a dramatically reduced priced tag.  My hands trembling with excitement, I checked them for size.  When I saw that they were my size, I knew that I had to have them, it was meant to be.
While I was thinking of summer outfits that could revolve around these pants, an opportunity presented me with a reason to wear them much sooner.   Sometime ago friends of ours asked us if we would like to join them to go and see a concert called Hits of Motown, the show that "celebrates the most influential era in pop history in a big night of back-to-back Motown hits that will leave you breathless"
To be perfectly honest with you, I had no idea about Motown is but the idea of going out, seeing your friends and having a good time sounded very appealing and we agreed.  If you, like me, don't know anything about Motown, it is American record company behind the voices of  soul superstars like Diana Ross, Steve Wonder and Michael Jackson to name just a few.
After what I read about this era, I decided that the my new jeans would be perfect for such an outing.  I wasn't sure what top should I wear them with but then remembered that I have a simple boat-cut black top that will be not only will go well with the pants but my newly acquired oversized so called Portrait earring will look perfect against the open neck and shoulder of the top.
I bought them from Gorman, a label very much loved by Australians for its whimsical signature prints and distinctive colour palettes.  While I find the clothes a bit too quirky for my taste, I do like their footwear and overtime have bought a couple of pairs of shoes from them.  The store's window display always draws attention from passers-by for the abundance of colours and prints, myself including, and it was during one of my window shopping moments that I spotted these funky earrings.
 I have never ever owned nor wore anything remotely looking like them before and that was probably the main reason that I bought them.  I finished my outfit with an animal print coat and a fresh pair of shoes in gingham print that I recently bought at Zara.
This print has been one of the most popular prints seen all over Instagram and in blog posts for quite some time and by the look of it, its popularity is not going to abate soon so I am planning to get a good wear out of them.  Besides, the heel is of a very reasonable height which means that I could easily wear them all day long and thanks to the pointy toes, they look elegant enough to be worn to more formal occasions.
As I hoped, my outfit was very well suited to the mood of the concert which, by the way, was thoroughly enjoyable.  A couple of songs that were performed brought back some nostalgia but that did not stop us letting our hair down and we had a lot of fun clapping, tapping and singing along with the people on stage.

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Sunday, 19 August 2018


Hello everyone, hope you are well.
In my previous post I was talking about the revival of an old staple, skinny jeans.   Today I would like to continue going down the same avenue and look at another piece of clothing that has been on the fashion scene for quite a while (I bought mine all the way back 2009!!!) yet still shows no sign of disappearing in the near future - cargo pants aka combat pants.  
Originally designed for tough outdoor activities, they can be unmistakably identified by one or more cargo pockets.
Since then, they have gone through some metamorphoses and emerged more stylish-looking and refined.  Their versatility has been tested and extended well past their initial purpose. The most important moment in the history of cargo pants occurred when the new slim shape replaced the bulky heavy shape of the original design thus making it possible to wear cargo pants way beyond occasions that call for a casual dress code.
These days cargo pants are manufactured from much lighter and softer fabrics that allows for a more feminine fitting.  
They also come in different shapes of the leg from the wide floppy functional pants gathered at the bottom into a cuff to slimmer, rather elegant looking shape that actually help visually to elongate the legs.
You might think that having the same pair of pants for 8 years is a long time and I would totally agree with that, however every time I think of disposing of them in the bin and buying a fresh pair, it turns out that they look very similar to mine, obviously, that's why they are called cargo pants, dah, and I return home empty-handed.  
When I went shopping for my cargo pants, I tried few pairs of various shapes trying to figure out what style suits me best until I came across a pair from J Brand  that I really liked.
The fact that I can wear them to a picnic  in a park , come home, kick off my casual shoes and a t-shirt and replace them with a pair of smart or dress shoes, a long-sleeved attractive top, grab a stylish handbag and I will be ready to go out to dinner with very little effort is the main reason that I have kept my cargo pants for that long.  
With just a few simple moves your cargo pants take you from the casual activities during the day to an evening adventure from drinking cocktails at a swanky bar or to a dinner at the hottest restaurant in town.
I am wearing: cargo pants - JBrand
Shoes - Bally
Handbag - Bvlgari
Belt - Hermes
Top - from Iconic

Have a great week, everyone

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Thursday, 2 August 2018


Hi everyone, hope everyone is fine and doing well.

There are a few  items of clothing in my wardrobe that are quite old but somehow I can't bring myself to throw them out.  Not that they hold any sentimental value, but each time I think it's time for this or that piece to go, the wheel of fashion resurrects them back to life.
Case in point, my skinny jeans made of oilskin fabric aka as wet or Harper.   They were hot about five years ago when I purchased them but as popular now as when I originally bought them.

"Call me vain but it gives me the pleasure to know that they still fit"

There are many ways you can wear your skinny jeans.  they are hugely adaptable, comfortable to wear and could be very flattering if the style and fit are right.  You can wear them at any time of the day, casual or smart, rock or chic, depending on what you are pairing them with and what accessories you choose for the outfit.

My husband and I were going for a lunch to celebrate our wedding anniversary at the highly popular restaurant called "China Doll" situated on a stretch of the refurbished Cooper Street Wharf  colloquially known as The Sidney's Finger Wharf.  Although the restaurant has won multiple awards for cooking the most delicious modern Asian food, the vibe is light and casual and no particular dress code is required.
With that in mind, I decided that my skinny jeans will be perfect for the occasion. You probably have seen me wearing them before but mainly casually. 
This time, however, I decided to dress them up a bit.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know how much I love wearing high heel shoes when going out and my view about the importance of right footwear when constructing your outfit.  True to myself, I'd chosen a pair of black classic high heels pumps by Christian Dior.  These shoes are one of the items I was telling you about earlier, they are quite old but who can throw away a perfect pair of Christian Dior shoes?
The top I am wearing is also one of the oldies that I bought in NY many years ago but since it is hard to pin down what era its belong to, it technically never goes out of style and thus is a keeper. 
In fact, the only item that was new in my outfit is a handbag,  an anniversary gift from my husband and since I was getting dressed for lunch to celebrate it, this bag from Furla was an obvious choice.

It was such a warm and lovely day for winter that we were able to stay outside long enough to take some photos of me for the blog .

BTW, as expected, the lunch was sublime.

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Monday, 16 July 2018


Hello everyone, hope all is well with you.

It's still quite cold in Sydney and I am not in the mood for outdoor photos shoots, however last week the weather played nicely and blessed us with a couple of warm days.  Not wanting to miss such an opportunity, I put this outfit on and asked my husband to go to Bondi Beach to take some photos.
I spotted (no pun intended) this skirt during the end of financial year sale (in Australia it ends on the 30th of June) but they didn't have my size so I tried to order it on-line.  I generally avoid buying clothes and shoes via the internet.  I've tried a few times but every time I liked the item and paid for it, for various reasons I was disappointed when it arrived so I had to return it and pay for the postage.
At least, at Zara (their online store) the postage didn't cost me anything and I really liked the skirt so I took a gamble and ordered it.  To my great surprise and delight, it fitted perfectly and looked exactly how I imagined it would.
Although it is made of quite light fabric that is more suitable for warmer months , I am planning to wear it all year around, like on the day like today for example, paired with a jumper and ankle boots.
Although a black colour jumper seems like the most obvious choice, I decided to wear this particular jumper because its print resonates with the pattern of the skirt but on a different size scale thus creating a visual story with a sense of fun.
I wanted to keep the black &white colour scheme for the entire outfit including accessories and for this reason selected this black bag in a classic square shape with an elegant slim white strip along the edges.
I must mention the story behind the handbag I am carrying.  It belonged to my late mother-in-law who was an avid collector of handbags and gorgeous scarfs (that's why I am quite often seen wearing them).  After her passing, my father-in-law wanted to share them among the family members. It was his way of honouring the memory of his beloved wife.
The only thing that I was not mad about is the strap - it was too short and not very attractive.  So I decided to improvise.  I had a black and white woven belt hanging around so I thought to re-purpose it into a strap.  Using the existing fittings, I just replaced the old strap with my newly created one and voila, a totally new bag.

As I mentioned earlier, we took these images at Bondi Beach which, apart from being one of the most famous beaches in the world, has an amazing Graffiti Wall along the promenade.

The images keep changing quite often and even for us who live near by and take a walk along it quite frequently, it is hard to keep up.  The graffiti behind me is one of the recent additions and for a total dots effect I couldn't help but to pose in front of it.  It is created by the a contemporary Indigenous artist, Zachary Bennet-Brook, the owner of Saltwater Dreamtime, "who has a love for for the ocean and creating artoworks which represent his culture and passions."

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Thursday, 5 July 2018


Hello dear friends, hope you are all well
Just wanted to share with you a couple of staples that I bought for myself for our Australian winter.  People often tease me about how cold the winters were back in Russia when I complain that I feel the  cold.  True, it was freezing cold, as it is in the most of Europe and the US in winter but we were wearing weather appropriate clothes and the houses were properly heated and insulated while here, the Australians are in total denial, they strongly believe in perpetual summer and that's why you can see people wearing shorts, t-shirts and thongs (flip-flops) all year round.   
It is also true that on the coldest day in most of the country the temperature is always on the plus side and it never snows, but the weather still bites and you need a decent coat, a woollen jumper and a pair of boots to survive it. I love feeling warm and comfortable and always prefer to be dressed according to the season.
It is all about layering as quite often a cold morning turns into a nice warm day and if I want to shed a layer or two so it is important to get the basics right starting with a skirt.  I bought this maxi skirt at the same shop at which I bought my black slip-on dress (worn here), Natalie Alamein.  As I mentioned previously, the bulk of her clientele are the millenials, however I managed to score quite a few pieces from her store that I feel quite comfortable wearing.
I am all for colours and fun prints but when it comes to basics, my choice always falls on black and neutrals as they act as a blank canvas that allows you to express your taste in accessories, shoes and other embellishments of your choice.  
This maxi pencil skirt with a side split is another gem that I found on the rack marked "Sale".  It is made out of very soft and warm woven fabric and hugs my contours rather nicely and I am sure I will be wearing it a lot, to and after work.
My other purchase was a neutral colour v-neck jumper. The main feature that attracted my attention was its long oval shaped back with a split detail that adds a contemporary twist and a sense of fun.  Although it looks thin, almost transparent and feels very light, its made of pure wool and is very  warm.  I bought it during the Christmas sale from Sass and Bide.
My first look is how I dressed for a day in the office.  I was about to wrap a thick woollen scarf around my neck but changed my mind and instead settled for a lighter one in silk that I don't have to take off once inside, with black and orange print that added a colour punch to my neutrals and some urban panache to my look.
A pair of tall black boots and a black handbag completed the look.
Later that day I was about to meet a few friends for midweek drinks at one of our local wine bars.  I normally stay away from drinking during the week but our weekend already looked quite busy and we have not seen these people for a while and didn't want to postpone our get-together much further.
Besides, my teenage daughter was giving me hard time and I welcomed any excuse to get out of the house.
Not wanting to look like I just stepped out of the office, I swapped the boots for a pair of shoes in bright red (previously seen here) and fishnet stockings (I just love the fishnets and wear them as often as possible).
I left the scarf behind and instead put on a pair of long shiny earrings from Swarowski and a matching cocktail ring (no pun intended).
A red patent bag from Louis Vuitton (seen previously here and here) and a swipe of bright lipstick and off I went for a much needed drink.

I look  much happier afterwards.

Both pieces work very well together, don't you think?

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