Hi, my name is Anna, I was born in then republic of Ukraine in the former USSR but now living in Sydney, Australia.

As a woman of a certain age, I find it is more and more challenging to buy clothes that does not look like I just raided my 18+ daughter's wardrobe nor does it look like it came out of  my great-grandmother's chest that she brought with her from Russia.  

Every time I am at a shopping centre hopping from one store to another in search for an item of clothes appropriate to my age, I feel that the clothes designers are only concentrated their creativity on reaching out to the younger generation, who are more likely to part with their disposable income, and are totally disinterested in the consumers like me.

Hence, I started this blog to express my take on style and fashion and share it with other women who want to look fabulous.
Normally, the term eclectic style is applied to the world of design and its philosophy is as simple as this: To combine elements or particular styles from different time periods and different origins in a harmonious fashion.

I think I could, to some extent, say the same about my personal style.  If you have been following my blog, you will notice how many different looks I came up during my years of blogging.   There is, however, a common thread that can be easily spotted and that is, as much as I like a casual and relaxed style of clothing such as jeans, jogger pants, t-shirts and sneakers for day-to-day general activities, I equally like to dress up for an occasion and that includes high heel shoes, nice hand bags, elegant blouses, pencil skirts and pretty dresses. 

When it comes to define my personal style, I would say “My style is what makes me look good and feel confident.

And in order to be able to say and feel this way, you should have a good knowledge of your body shape, skin and hair colouring and other physical attributes that will help you shape your own unique style. 

Once you establish the parameters, you will be able to figure out what looks good and what does not suit you.  It is an on-going process of trial and error and you should not be put out by the challenges that might come along.

Surely, as life goes on and our body changes as the years go by, our style of clothing changes with it, but whatever defines your ”personal style”, your unique sense of fashion will remain unchanged.

The key to feel confidence about yourself is to understand that nobody’s perfect and I would not waste a minute of my life trying to be otherwise, however a healthy diet (you can read my take on it here), the right amount of exercise and general well-being are key factors in feeling well and looking fabulous!!!



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