Thursday, 18 December 2014


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With less then a week left before Christmas, it feels like we are almost reaching the epicentre of the huge tornado called pre-Christmas hysteria.  Even those who celebrate different holidays of their faith get caught up in a swirl of traffic, shopping, school holidays and cooking all of which are tightly pressed together waiting to be released on 25 December.

With that in mind, I will be quick and to the point or should I say "to the dot?".  Point in case, is my new jump suit.  This is one thing that I love about Christmas - it is the pre-Christmas sale.  You don't need to wait till after Christmas to buy yourself a gorgeous outfit with quite a substantial discount. 
Jumpsuits are very hot right now, in 2014 the trend has been a major staple for every fashion magazine and department store across the globe.  And rightfully so. Whether you are heading off to a casual Saturday lunch at your favourite cafe, a backyard barbeque or looking for something to wear to dinner or to a cocktail party - you can't go wrong with a jumpsuit. 

Light cotton flowing jumpsuits in pretty prints are great for day-time casual outfits but for the evening look it is better to have them in one solid colour, such as in black.  The interesting details like lace, sequins or a plunging neckline create a dressy vibe and make the jumpsuit a great alternative to a cocktail dress.  As someone once said:  "A jumpsuit is the 2014 equivalent of the LBD."

Choose the shape of the suit according to your taste:  skinny legs, boho style or wide-leg are just a few options you would may consider when shopping for one.

For me, the most crucial factor to consider is your body shape.  Find the jump suit that suits your figure and you are bound to look fabulous?

jumpsuite by sass+bide
Jumpsuit:  Sass & Bide
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Bag:  Chanel
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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