Monday, 16 July 2018


Hello everyone, hope all is well with you.

It's still quite cold in Sydney and I am not in the mood for outdoor photos shoots, however last week the weather played nicely and blessed us with a couple of warm days.  Not wanting to miss such an opportunity, I put this outfit on and asked my husband to go to Bondi Beach to take some photos.
I spotted (no pun intended) this skirt during the end of financial year sale (in Australia it ends on the 30th of June) but they didn't have my size so I tried to order it on-line.  I generally avoid buying clothes and shoes via the internet.  I've tried a few times but every time I liked the item and paid for it, for various reasons I was disappointed when it arrived so I had to return it and pay for the postage.
At least, at Zara (their online store) the postage didn't cost me anything and I really liked the skirt so I took a gamble and ordered it.  To my great surprise and delight, it fitted perfectly and looked exactly how I imagined it would.
Although it is made of quite light fabric that is more suitable for warmer months , I am planning to wear it all year around, like on the day like today for example, paired with a jumper and ankle boots.
Although a black colour jumper seems like the most obvious choice, I decided to wear this particular jumper because its print resonates with the pattern of the skirt but on a different size scale thus creating a visual story with a sense of fun.
I wanted to keep the black &white colour scheme for the entire outfit including accessories and for this reason selected this black bag in a classic square shape with an elegant slim white strip along the edges.
I must mention the story behind the handbag I am carrying.  It belonged to my late mother-in-law who was an avid collector of handbags and gorgeous scarfs (that's why I am quite often seen wearing them).  After her passing, my father-in-law wanted to share them among the family members. It was his way of honouring the memory of his beloved wife.
The only thing that I was not mad about is the strap - it was too short and not very attractive.  So I decided to improvise.  I had a black and white woven belt hanging around so I thought to re-purpose it into a strap.  Using the existing fittings, I just replaced the old strap with my newly created one and voila, a totally new bag.

As I mentioned earlier, we took these images at Bondi Beach which, apart from being one of the most famous beaches in the world, has an amazing Graffiti Wall along the promenade.

The images keep changing quite often and even for us who live near by and take a walk along it quite frequently, it is hard to keep up.  The graffiti behind me is one of the recent additions and for a total dots effect I couldn't help but to pose in front of it.  It is created by the a contemporary Indigenous artist, Zachary Bennet-Brook, the owner of Saltwater Dreamtime, "who has a love for for the ocean and creating artoworks which represent his culture and passions."

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