Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Hi everyone,

It has officially been two months of spring here in Australia but the weather is still not settled into a warm temperature mode and it is very difficult to predict what it will be like from one day to the next.  Meanwhile, Sydneysiders take every possible opportunity to strip down to shorts and t-shirts and spend a day at the beach to get the perfect tan.

My beloved Sydney looks absolutely gorgeous at this time of the year.  The trees and bushes are in full bloom with their scented flowers and the bright colours make every street look absolutely magical, whether you are driving around the city or walking along the leafy streets of your neighbourhood – the scenery is a delight for the eyes and a pleasure for the senses.
I always like to observe how the change in seasons makes a mental effect on people’s choice of clothing.   Away went the subdued palette of blacks, the browns and the greys (we say grey, you say gray) and heavy fabrics of winter, in came the bright colours and patterns and of the spring.
It was of those nice warm days that  I, too, decided to shed my long pants and dark colours and donned on my flower print shirt that has been in my wardrobe since the last floral print craze a few years ago.  I wanted my outfit to be summery from head to toe and so I wore it with a white denim pencil skirt.  The shirt is quite long but I didn’t want to tuck it in entirely, only at the and to accentuate my waist a little, I simply threaded a slim pale pink leather belt.
Finally, the time has come to wear my new open-back block heel Max and Co
shoes that I bought on the mid-winter sale but couldn’t wear them until now.
I wanted my look to project a slightly sporty look, thanks to the denim skirt and low heel shoes and so I chose a satchel bag in a bright turquoise colour to complete my first new season outfit.

I am wearing:  skirt - Country Road, shirt - Zara, bag - Coach, shoes - Max & Co.

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