Saturday, 20 June 2015


Floral printed pants are very trendy right now.  They are sexy and chic and extremely versatile as they can be worn with all different kinds of tops, shoes and accessories.  Their versatility ranges from a stylish office-appropriate dress replacement all the way to summer parties when you don’t feel like sporting a dress.  Whether you are after a boho, sport, street smart or chic look, floral pants could be found in every fashionista’s closet. 

floral prints pants

I chose a pair of slim cut pants with a mid-rise (no muffin top) and slightly cropped bottoms that fit straight at the ankle, so they are great with pumps and flats alike and could be worn any time of the day for different venues and various occasions.  

floral prints pants
And that is what I always look for when shopping for a new piece of clothing – its adaptability and versatility.  I love mixing and matching and before I pay for my new purchase, I always try to imagine how many outfits would I get out of it.  If the number is greater than two, I part with the money.

floral prints pants
Handbag:  Chanel (I wore it here)
Cuff:  Hermes (I wore it here)
Surely, not all items in the wardrobe could be or should be worn anywhere anytime.  We need special clothes for special occasions and events but when I shop for a day to day clothing I always imagine how many new outfits will it help me to create and when I can come up with more than two, then I buy it.

There are so many awesome and creative ways to wear printed pants this year. For day-time life, I love to wear them with flat mannish like shoes or sneakers and a t-shirt or a simple blouse or a neutral slouchy sweater for cool summer nights.
Christian Dior black pumps
For something more exciting, I prefer a sexy chic and sleek look and that’s when a pair of classic black high heel pumps with a silk elegant top come to rescue.   And don’t forget about accessories – a statement cool bracelet, a cute hand bag or eye-catching earrings would add quality and volume to your outfit.

swarovski earrings
If you like this bright and colourful trend but are not quite confident to plunge into it head first, choose the prints in subdued soft pastels or neutral colours; and when you feel more confident, you can always add colour and spice to your outfit by wearing a bright top, a pair of killer shoes, some eye catching jewelry or just brightly painted lips.

floral prints pants
Street Look

Pants - Glassons, shoes - Christian Dior, handbag:  Chanel (I wore it here), hand cuff:  Hermes (I wore it here), Earrings:  Swarovski, top - Zara.