Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Living in Sydney, near the beach, is such a blessing, especially if the beach in question is the iconic Bondi Beach.  It is so much easier to withstand the summer when the sea breeze delivers much sought after relief from the heat and the fresh smell of the sea is so wonderful.  My husband and I thoroughly enjoy our brisk walks along the boardwalk in the mornings or a leisurely after dinner stroll in the evening.  It has become our "adult" time, where we can talk about things or just simply enjoy each others company.
White Country Road Skirt
Every day Bondi beach attracts hundreds and hundreds of visitors.  The warm weather and the proximity of the beaches play such a fundamental part in what is known as "Australian Beach Culture" which also dictates the beach fashion or as I jokingly call it, "A Bondi Beach Dress Code", which for the young generation of beach goers comes down to two obligatory parts of clothing:  minuscule shorts and tiny crop tops. 
White Country Road skirt

And I could help but notice an fascinating change in the the national Australian footwear that was dominating the beach market for over a decade, i.e. Hawaiian thongs.  This season, for no foreseeable reason, they have been finally pushed away and replaced by white Converse shoes.
Kite fest on Bondi Beach

Being a woman of a certain age, as much as I used to love wearing mini skirts, I have to accept that the days of mini skirts are gone. But I don't despair, all I need to do now is compromise a little and find the type of clothes that is playful and helps me to look young while still appropriate to my age.
Sunset over Bondi Beach

And this white linen skirt from Country Road is the exact illustration of my thoughts.  It sits right above the knees in a flattering A-line shape and I like that the clean lines and the white crisp linen give it a minimalistic look.  For an ultimate beach feel, I paired it with white Converse shoes and a singlet in nautical stripes.

White Country Road skirt, Converse Shose

Surely, this style of clothing is not for everyone, especially if you, like me, are a woman of certain age, but don’t despair. 

If you are not into tight fitting t-shirts, short skirts or high-cut shorts, there are plenty of other options you can find in the department stores and shops that are offering a beautiful range of summer clothing suitable for all shapes, sizes and age groups and preferences such as Caftans, maxi shift dresses, loose fit shorts or Capri pants.  The variety of colours, patterns and all sorts of beautiful embellishments of these garments are astonishing and they look absolutely gorgeous on every woman I know.

I believe that having confidence in the way you look is one of the perks of our age and we should use it to our full advantage.   So, why don’t we all make it our motto: “Dress the way you feel and look fabulous”?

White Country Road skirt, Converse Shose

White Country Road skirt