Sunday, 29 November 2015


If a guest from out of town would ask me what is it that they must see when in Sydney, my answer without any hesitation would be to see the two most iconic and world renowned  architectural wonders of Australia – Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.  

Both my husband and I have a great love for opera and classical music and we are often visitors to the Opera House.  It became a part of our ritual after a performance to head to the Sydney Opera Kitchen perched underneath "the most famous sails in the world" for a glass of wine or a sweet treat and discuss the performance or just simply enjoy the view and each others company.  With the Harbour Bridge as a backdrop, the city lights dancing on the water lapping softly underneath and the looming white sails of the Opera House above us – it is very hard to find a place that could be better than this.

A night around Sydney Harbour

I don’t know exactly why but every time I get dressed for the opera, an episode from Sex and the City in which Alexsander Petrovsky, the Russian artist, presents Carry with an Oscar de la Renta hot pink dress so she could go to the Met Opera with him comes to mind.

The dress I am wearing on this occasion is not exactly as grand but eye-catching nevertheless.  It is from the Maison Martin Margiela that I bought in NY a while back but have never really grown tired of it.  
Maison Marin Margiela dress

It would be incorrect to describe this dress as a classic or iconic, nor could it be easily pinpointed to any particular fashion or trend, but whenever I happen to wear it, I have received compliments and very nice comments about it.

What makes it a truly unique showstopper is its intricate patterned fabric combining geographical and botanical motives separated by wide white panes covered in cryptic writing – this dress is like a window into a magic world of Martin Margiela. 

You should be very careful when choosing accessories for a bold pattern dresses to avoid clashing and over-accessorising so the only other embellishment that I wore with it was a clean-cut Swarovski crystal cocktail ring. 

Maison Marin Margiela dress

My laced-up shoes are a tribute to the current craze that swept the fashion world but this time I chose sexy stilettos (see my previous post) over the comfy flats.  Naturally.

Sexy lace-up shoes

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