Wednesday, 16 December 2015


After living in our beautiful city for over 20 years, my husband and I haven’t stopped  exploring this ever growing and evolving city which we have both grown to love so much.  Whether it is a new art gallery or an interior design shop, a new quirky coffee shop which everyone is talking about or a mouth watering dessert bar.  Some days we just get in the car and drive to a suburb or an area which we pick up at random to find out what this adventure will yield.  There is hardly a time when we were disappointed in our choice. We both treasure these so called "Field trips" and I  always look forward to the next one.

So, when we read in the newspaper that the Wulugul Walk – The Streets of Barangaroo has just opened, we immediately marked it as the next destination for our Field Trip, as I call them.

Barangaroo is a massive redevelopment project that started a few years ago and will take a few more years to complete.  Once completed, it “will instill pride and inspire innovation for generations. It will be a global reference point of design excellence and sustainability. Barangaroo will raise Sydney’s international acclaim and be a globally celebrated destination”.
A view over the harbour from the top of the Barangaroo hill

Meanwhile, the Wulugul Walk allows us a glimpse into the future so that we can appreciate the magnitude of the project and the transformation “of one of the city’s oldest and ugliest industrial sites into a spectacular, six-hectare headland open space for Sydneysiders and visitors to embrace and enjoy”.


That day we were blessed by the weather. Mild temperature with a slight breath of wind and the sun that was hidden by an overcast sky made our little adventure that much more enjoyable.  We parked our car and went to look for the entrance.  The minute we stepped onto the path, we were amazed by the number of people engaged in various activities around us:  joggers, bicycles, power walkers and yoga classes.  All along the path there were benches occupied by employees from nearby offices on their lunch breaks, tourists and locals – all admiring this newly created oasis of tranquillity right in the midst of the city hubbub, enjoying the harmony of the open vistas, taking photographs of the Harbour Bridge and the distant views of the Anzac Bridge, the surrounding neighbourhoods and the bustling activities on the harbour.

View over Anzac Bridge

After a long walk along the coast we stopped at Belle’s Hot Chicken pop-up shop to feed our souls and rest our feet.  You have to come here, if not for walking and sightseeing, then to taste their food.  It is unbelievably delicious. 

On Wulgul Walk - The streets of Barangaroo, the Western side of Harbour bridge

In keeping with the surrounding landscape, I chose to wear a pair of white linen Capri pants, an oversized V-neck knitted top and white Converse sneakers that I wore previously here

A view over the development

As for the choice of the accessories for the day, I settled for a square Hermes scarf (a birthday gift from my loving husband) which I casually draped across my shoulders and tied into a loose knot. 


Wearing my favourite Hermes scarf

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