Sunday, 15 March 2015


If you want to make a fashion statement - wear a red dress, chances are, you will probably be the only woman in the room who does.  The truth of the matter is that red is a very strong, bold colour and because of that not many women have enough confidence to wear red.  Of course, it is not a hue that you see as often as say, black or white.  As with Red Carpet events, this hue is destined for a special occasions.

how to wear red dress

 A great Italian designer Valentino has become know for his red dresses known in the fashion industry as “Valentino red”.  It became one of the pillars of his collections and according to him, the only colour worthy of competing with black and white.

red is very strong color for a dress
From the Valentino's collection "45 Years of Style"

And for me, that special occasion was the night at Sydney Opera House for the opening of the season and a new production of Faust, an opera that is a tale of romance, temptation, and the age-old battle between satanic powers and religion – a perfect opportunity to match the red flames of hell with my special red Lanvin drape dress that I bought recently in a boutique shop in Hyde Park, a popular fashion shopping and dinner destination in Adelaide. 

red is strong color for dress
Dress:  Lanvin, Shoes:  Bally

Visually, a red dress makes a bold fashion statement and draws a lot of attention, it is important that the accessories should not be flashy and destructive, leaving a dress to be a focal point of the outfit.

red dress is fabulous

With that in mind, I chose a simple set of long gold earrings and a bracelet together with a small black handbag.  As for shoes, there are a few options here:  black for contrast, or nude or soft pastels to keep it elegant and classy.

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