Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Well, it is official, the summer in Australia is over and sadly, as much as we love to wear summer clothes, it soon will be time to store them away for a few months and replace with the warm, soft and cuddly outfits.

knit jumper is great for witner

There are two hot trends that are a "must have" for autumn and the coming winter - knits and pastels.  When it comes to knits, I particularly like the jumpers that are quite long, way past your hips, narrow fitted, with a long neck that softly curls around your shoulders, giving you extra warmth and comfort.

knit jumper is great for winter

great for winter, comfortable, soft, winter essentials

 The other great advantage of these garments is that they are very adaptable and easy to match without compromising your personal style and look equally stylish inside for the office or around at a dinner table.

knit jumper great for winter

knit jumper is great with skirt and hills

killer hills and great handbag

Find the colour and style that suits you best and you are bound to look fabulous this winter.

Jumper:  Sportscraft; Shoes:  Louis Vuitton; Handbag:  Louis Vuitton; Glasses: Ray Ban, skirts:  Zara;  Pants:  Mason Scotch