Tuesday 23 January 2024


 Hello, my dear friends, how is 2024 treating you so far?

We have been quite busy over the festive season as I am sure so was everyone else.  Our social calendars are fully booked with various events and activities It's traditionally the time when you catch up with your  friends to have that last meal before the year ends;  It's the time when a lot family and friends get-togethers are happening as travelling, partying and generally having a time with no care in the world.

We didn't do a lot of travelling per se but we did a lot of driving around Sydney and surrounds showcasing how beautiful our city is to my cousins from Germany.  And of course there was a lot of eating, drinking, talking and basking in the warmth of being a part of a loving family.

So as you can imagine, I didn't have much time to partake in the craziness aka as Black Friday Sale nor in the days that followed BFS.  I did, however, manage to pop into Zara and buy an A-line wrap-around skirt that am wearing a lot this summer.

I initially was attracted by the untraditional pattern of the tie-dye.  The A-line silhouette is very simple and flattering, the fabric is light and even if it creases a lot, hey it's linen and it's what expected from it, right?

My initial thoughts were to add it to my casual clothes section of the closet as linen is normally associated with the care-free life style and I really like wearing it with just a simple white t-shirt and sandals.  On the second thought, with the help of right accessories I can smarten it up into the next level.  Whenever I buy a new piece of clothing, I always picture the different ways it can be styled and the more of them, the happier I am.  And soon I had the opportunity to do just that.

One sunny Saturday, we were taking our abovementioned German cousins to un upmarket Italian eatery called Trattoria or as local call it Tratt for a Saturday lunch.  The restaurants sits right across the road from the famous Bondi Beach and offers a breathtaking view over the ocean glistening under the summer sun, surf and tanned and toned sunbathers sprawled on the white sandy beach.  The restaurant is a destination and is highly popular amongst locals and visitors alike.  Although it's within walking distance to the beach, you will never see anyone wearing bikinis or board shorts there.  People make the effort of dressing up for the occasion as the Italians do.  

I was thinking of wearing my new linen skirt (so Italian) but dressed it up for the occasion with the assistance of heeled sandals, a statement necklace and a "new" handbag.  

You have seen me wearing these shoes from Alohas before, same goes for the necklace.   As for the hand bag, it was my first foray into buying anything second hand.  I saw it in in the window of our local pawn shop shining so brightly that it was hard to miss.  I went inside and ask the shop owner if I can have a closer look.  Turns out it was made by Italian brand called Pinko and a lovebirds buckle is their official trademark.  This and a heavy white metal chain were the features that I really like about this bag.  It was hugely discounted as the second hand item should be and I bought it without any hesitation and it is now on a high rotation.

Quite satisfied with the result, I quickly grabbed a silk colourful scarf (one can never predict the wind factor when you are near the ocean) and headed for the door.

What do you think of this transformation?  How would you jazz up your casual outfit?  I enjoy reading your comments and suggestions so lease share your thoughts in a comment section below.  

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  1. You sounded like you had a great holiday. I don't generally do Black Friday but I did stumble upon an AMAZING sale. This skirt is great and you did a wonderful job styling it. What a fun pattern. And the PINKO bag is gorgeous. I love this brand and had a red Hello Kitty bag from them that I love.

    Allie of

  2. I love the pattern on this skirt, and the bottom with the fringe detail is so fun!



  3. I love the skirt, the fringed hem is really pretty. The bag is gorgeous, I can see why it caught your eye in the shop! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx