Monday, 24 November 2014


In my last post I shared with you my thoughts on gorgeous extras, ie shoes and their role in the every stylista’s wardrobe.  Today I would like to talk about one item of clothes that, in my opinion, every modern woman should have in her closet, a pair of gorgeous black pants.

Black pants

But first, let me tell you a little bit about my philosophy on shopping.  One thing I can say for sure is that I am not a spontaneous shopper nor do I follow the latest fashion trends.  I very seldom buy clothes on impulse or because it is “hot right now”  for a few reasons: a) I do not want end up looking like everybody else around me and b) once the trend becomes yesterday’s news, I don’t want the face a dilemma of “What should I do with this piece now”? 

And it is not just the money you paid for it, you have to find valuable space in your closet to store this currently out-of-fashion item until the wheels of fashion roll over yet again (say every 10 years!!!) and you will be able to wear it once more.  My guess is that by that time, you will probably forget its existence and your body shape could be a different size.

My philosophy in buying clothes is quite simple and logical, to me at least:  avoid impulse shopping, do not succumb to short lived trends; instead look for timeless classical pieces that you never grow tired of and when buying a new piece think whether it will go with in your existing wardrobe.  Mixing and matching is a lot of fun, and if you can master this trick, you instantly double or triple the volume of your outfits.

When shopping for new clothes I prefer to buy them in the stores that allow you to bring the item back for a refund and not just for a credit note.  I like to bring them home and see how it complements what I already have and if not, I return it.

There are quite a few items in my wardrobe, I call them “My capsule collection” that I bought a couple of years back but I love and wear them regardless. Clothes like dresses by DVF (see previous post), a white silk blouse, a smoking jacket or a pair of timeless black pumps are my saviours when I am clueless or in doubt about what to wear.

A case in point is a pair of black slim fit pants I bought while visiting my in-laws in Cape Town. Not only do I love the fact that they are not entirely black but rather have shimmering pattern, they also fit well because of the classic slim cut.  But what is most attractive about them is their versatility, every time you pair them with a different top, it’s like you have a completely new outfit.  They are like a blank canvass and it is what’s in your wardrobe together with your personal taste and imagination that will make them look dressed up or down, helping you achieve an elegant and sophisticated look, or to be playful and casual. 

I love to wear them with loose blouses for the office, with quirky tops and short boots when I am out for a drink or movies and with a pair of elegant black shoes and a pearls and an onyx necklace for a night at the Opera.
black pants
Top:  Georgio Armani
Pants:  Fabiani (SA)
Shoes:  Mark Jacobs

If you, like me, a lady of certain vintage, you would know exactly what style suits you best.  It is possible that the slim fit pants might look on you like a second skin or on another hand, you’d prefer to cover some parts of your body by way of plaits, layers or loose fit, so you would opt for some more streamlined silhouette. 

Points to remember:
One – high heels make anyone’s legs look longer and add few extra inches to your height;

Two – regardless of style and colour, your pants should be of high quality and fit perfectly.

black pants
Top:  Zara
Pants:  Fabiani (SA)
Shoes: DKNY
Bag:  Louis Vuitton

black pants
Top:  Sass
Pants:  Fabiani (SA)
Boots:  Midas

black pants
Top:  Fabiani (SA)
Pants:  Fabiani (SA)
Shoes:  Christian Dior