Wednesday, 16 January 2019


Hi everyone,

Hope you had a wonderful time over the holidays season and ready to take 2019 by the horns, so to speak.  It is not easy to shift your mind back into the grind but I am slowly getting there.
It was one of those days when you planned to do one thing but then something else came up and you had to think quickly on how to make do.  Except for having pre-arranged dinner with friends of ours in the evening, our morning and afternoon were wide open and we were thinking of going to the beach during the day when my daughter called me early in the morning asking if I could babysit my granddaughter, Edie, for a couple of hours.  She promised to be back well before our dinner time and I agreed, of course.
As they live about 20 minutes away from us by car, I figured that the best way to do both without wasting too much time of driving backward and forward would be for me to get dressed at home for something that I can equally wear while playing with Edie and be comfortable and yet good enough to look nice for our dinner date later on.
As the day promised to be quite warm, I settled for a sleeveless top and light linen slacks that I recently purchased from Uniqlo, a gian Japanese designer, manufacture and retailer of the casual wear.  The beauty of wearing linen is not only that it is a natural fibre and is light and breezy but also no matter how wrinkled your clothes might have become, the better it looks.  That is the nature of linen.  Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't probably have chosen linen slacks for a dinner at a restaurant but I figured that if I wear nice shoes and carry a decent hand bag, I could kill two birds with one stone, figuratively speaking.
Edie and I had a wonderful time together and when the time came to say goodbye, I kicked off my sandals and put on high heel strappy sandals that I smartly brought with me together with my evening handbag and some jewellery and voila, I was ready to go.


  1. Love show you add glamour to linen slacks with such gorgeous shoe

  2. This is simply glamorous. That linen slacks looks comfortable to wear. Thank you for sharing.


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