Wednesday, 17 October 2018


Hi everyone, trust you are all well
I believe the first time I became aware how popular mustard colour is this season was when I spotted   Laurie from "Vanity and Me"  looking gorgeous in her new mustard jacket on Instagram.   This image must have somehow crept into my subconsciousness because a few days later, while wandering along the stalls at Bondi Markets, I spotted a mustard coloured jumper hanging on a rack and felt an irresistible urge to buy it. 
I approached the stall to have a closer look and check the price.  The stall holder told me that this was the last one and she was selling it very cheaply to clean up the stock.  It has this uniformed slouchy shape with a knot tie at the front of it that adds an interesting touch to the otherwise simple style.  I bought it immediately without even trying it on.
I wore it the the evening when my husband and I went to see the movie "Ladies in black" at our local Westfield Shopping Centre, that also has, apart from all the usual attributes of the modern shopping mall, a movie theatre and if we are not doing grocery shopping, we like to leave our car at home and take a walk to the movies.  It is about 20 minutes by foot uphill,  so I laced up my Converse sneakers for comfort. 
The earrings I am wearing are from Gorman.  I like their quirkiness, they are my latest crush and I wear them a lot. 
This vintage Gucci bag used to belong to my late mother-in-law who had an amazing collection of scarfs, you can see me quite often wearing them, and handbags which after her passing, were equally distributed by my father-in-law amongst all the female members of the immediate family, young and old, as a way to remember her.
We arrived at the movies a few minutes early and while waiting for the movie to start, went wandering around the food court which was closed for the night, when suddenly I came up with the idea of how to make waiting time to be more exciting and suggested "Let's have a photo shoot". 
After taking few sample photos at different locations, we found the perfect spot and went to "work".   Later on, while I was viewing the images, I came to the conclusion that doing something spontaneous sometimes delivers much better results than the actions that being carefully planned.  I let you be the judge.
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