Sunday, 19 August 2018


Hello everyone, hope you are well.
In my previous post I was talking about the revival of an old staple, skinny jeans.   Today I would like to continue going down the same avenue and look at another piece of clothing that has been on the fashion scene for quite a while (I bought mine all the way back 2009!!!) yet still shows no sign of disappearing in the near future - cargo pants aka combat pants.  
Originally designed for tough outdoor activities, they can be unmistakably identified by one or more cargo pockets.
Since then, they have gone through some metamorphoses and emerged more stylish-looking and refined.  Their versatility has been tested and extended well past their initial purpose. The most important moment in the history of cargo pants occurred when the new slim shape replaced the bulky heavy shape of the original design thus making it possible to wear cargo pants way beyond occasions that call for a casual dress code.
These days cargo pants are manufactured from much lighter and softer fabrics that allows for a more feminine fitting.  
They also come in different shapes of the leg from the wide floppy functional pants gathered at the bottom into a cuff to slimmer, rather elegant looking shape that actually help visually to elongate the legs.
You might think that having the same pair of pants for 8 years is a long time and I would totally agree with that, however every time I think of disposing of them in the bin and buying a fresh pair, it turns out that they look very similar to mine, obviously, that's why they are called cargo pants, dah, and I return home empty-handed.  
When I went shopping for my cargo pants, I tried few pairs of various shapes trying to figure out what style suits me best until I came across a pair from J Brand  that I really liked.
The fact that I can wear them to a picnic  in a park , come home, kick off my casual shoes and a t-shirt and replace them with a pair of smart or dress shoes, a long-sleeved attractive top, grab a stylish handbag and I will be ready to go out to dinner with very little effort is the main reason that I have kept my cargo pants for that long.  
With just a few simple moves your cargo pants take you from the casual activities during the day to an evening adventure from drinking cocktails at a swanky bar or to a dinner at the hottest restaurant in town.
I am wearing: cargo pants - JBrand
Shoes - Bally
Handbag - Bvlgari
Belt - Hermes
Top - from Iconic

Have a great week, everyone

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