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Hello my dear friends,
With Mother's Day almost on our doorstep, it is high time to think about a perfect gift for your mother.
As with every celebration, we are inundated with choices up to the point that it has become almost impossible to decide which gift is the best.
Solar Jar/lantern
Well, I have the answer to this.  Instead of buying a gift made for you by someone else, you can do it yourself and make it really special.  I totally understand that DIY projects are not everyone's forte but my idea is so simple that anyone who can hold a paint brush can do it.  And no special tools nor expensive materials are required.  On the contrary, it is very easy to do but the result is simply outstanding.
Solar Jar/lantern
All you need is a Solar Jar/Lantern, a few smooth stones (black, white or grey – the choice is yours), white or red acrylic paint (again, the choice of paint colour is entirely up to you) and a thin paint brush.
Solar Jar/lantern
I am using black stones simply because I have plenty of them lying around in my planter boxes but white or grey stones will work just well.  Using either white or red paint, draw a large letter X on one of the stones and a large letter O on the other.  Then using a larger size stone, write the word LOVE and if you can master it, draw a heart on yet another stone and leave the paint to dry.  And that’s basically it.  Open the Solar Jar/Lantern and place your newly painted exhibits of love on the bottom of it.
Put the lid back on and voila, you have just created a very special and personalised gift that will, no doubt, delight and please your mother. 
The other option is to print a nice message on a piece of paper and place it inside the Solar Jar/Lantern like seen above.
Solar Jar/lantern
Of course, any glass jar would do but consider this:  the Solar Jar is not just a decorative object but is also a source of light so you can use it in the dark.  It is simply to recharge, eco and child friendly and is hugely versatile.
Solar Jar/lantern
Think about other occasions that you can use it for: Valentine's Day, Father's Day or a great Christmas gift.  It can even hold your precious collection of buttons and coins.
Solar Jar/lantern
Also, there are so many options to incorporate it into your existing decor:  flowers, little nicks-nacks, sand and shells, basically anything goes.  Here are just a few ideas that you might help you to get started.
Solar Jar/lantern

Solar Jar/lantern
 You can even use it as a table setting for your next big party.
Solar Jar/lantern
If you love alfresco dining and entertaining, the Solar Jar/Lantern is not only will light up your party or function but you also do not need to be worried about the danger of an open flame.
Solar Jar/lantern
If you like to know more about this amazing product, please follow this link and if you live in USA, Canada or Mexico and would like to purchase it, you can buy directly from Amazon by clicking on the link here.
For those of you who live in Australia, please send your e-mail to and we will help you to find a stockist near you.
Go get the Solar Jar and get creative.
And I would like to see your work, so please send me your images to
Have fun

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