Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.

I had to do a double take when I came to the office this morning and saw that it was the 1st of May on my calendar.  Unbelievable, how fast time flies.
My husband and I are big lovers of classical operas and ballet and are quite regular patrons of the Sydney Opera House.  We went there last Saturdays to listen to Elgar's cello concerto performed by the extremely talented lady named Harriet KrijghWhen I read in the program that she was playing the instrument which was made in 17th century and when her bow touched the strings, the hair on my neck stood up in admiration because that cello sounded heavenly.  I am sure it could also be attributed to the skills of a performer, no doubt.
We are so lucky in respect that both of us love classical music and are able to enjoy it together.  During our travels to Europe, we always try to book tickets for a classical performance at a local opera house.   


I love the way how Europeans get dressed for the theatre, no jeans and sneakers, it is all about old school - silk dresses and pearls on women and tuxedos for men and that is another reason why I was looking forward to experiencing again the magic of the theatre with great anticipation.
When I was a little girl growing up in Ukraine, there was not much to watch on TV except educational or art shows and it was then that my passion for ballet was fostered.  My parents were extremely supportive and made sure that I wouldn't miss a premiere of a new ballet at our Opera and Ballet Theatre.  I had an auntie who lived in Moscow and every time I visited her, she would manage to score me a ticket to the Bolshoi.  
I still feel nostalgic remembering the grandeur of the building's architecture, the red carpet covering the marble staircases, the deep plush chairs upholstered in the deep red velvet, the gilded woodwork running along the balustrades and colonnades and the burgundy colour and gilded tassels of the stage curtain.  
I love our Sydney Opera House, it is one of the most iconic buildings in the world but I find it slightly too modern for me and although most people make an effort and dress nicely, the others simply don't care.  As for my husband and myself, we belong to the former and dress smartly for the occasion, which brings me to today's outfit which I wore to the cello concert I mentioned earlier.  
Although it looks like a suit, both pants and the jacket are separates with a common thread that ties them together.  If you look closer, you might see a satin stripe running over the side seam of the trousers (previously worn here).  The same satin fabric is used for a pleated belt simulating the classic cummerbund of a tuxedo.   
I wanted to step away from the traditional black and wore a dark navy jacket instead for a colour injection into the black monotone and making the whole outfit not look overly formal (you might remember seeing me wearing it previously here) but The other reason I chose it was that the lapels are covered in the same black satin as the stripes of the pants thus making them look like an easy version of a tux suit.
The top I wore is from Zara, just a simple sleeveless lace top that I tucked in to show off the belt.

My shoes are classic black patent LV pumps worn previously here.

And I couldn't help but add the red lipstick for a colour-pop.

Have a great week

Until then