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Previously on Looking Fabulous @ 50 I was showing you my new chambray dress that I wore it as a coat over my summer outfit of cropped linen pants and a tee (Look #1).  However, lately I discovered that it looks as good with darker, heavier fabrics which means a few extra outfit combos.
Someone made an interesting observation the other day: "Weekends are precious, "Two glorious days devoid of responsibility and overflowing with possibility". My sentiment entirely provided that I know or at least have a slightest idea of what u want to do, where I would like to go, what would I want to see and what kind of food I feel like eating, otherwise I am in tatters and every member of my household is keeping as far away from me as it is physically possible.

I don’t think I have ever been spontaneous, I belong to a group of people who like to plan their holidays, meals and weekends well in advance. I can’t just wake up on a Saturday morning not knowing what to do and just “go with the flow” and it definitely does not work for me when someone suggests that I should just "veg”, I need to be somewhere doing something. Could it be that I am suffering from some kind of FOMO syndrome?
Anyhow, that how I was feeling last Saturday. We didn’t have any plans for the day, there was nothing to see at the movies and I couldn’t make up my mind about what I would like to have for lunch and so my husband suggested that we should get dressed and get out of the house and be spontaneous. Besides, we had no food in a house so we were forced to go out to eat anyway. So as you can imagine, it didn’t go very will with me and thus my mood remained in the dark.

Studies show that our outfit choices are made to reflect the mood we are in at the moment and my clothes on that Saturday morning was a living proof of this statement – black pants, black jumper, and black shoes and, you guessed it, black coat. Of course, the situation was not that bad, I guess I was a bit of drama queen but we are allowed to act like one sometimes, right?
Then the phone rang, did I hear someone just said "saved by the bell"? It was a dear friend of ours who just returned from the trip interstate asking us to join him and his latest lady-friend for lunch at the local bistro. Had it been someone else, I would’ve said “no” but I was very curious to meet his latest conquest, besides spending time with him is always a lot of fun. Oh well, that changed everything, almost. My mood immediately soared and so should my outfit.
Since I was already dressed, I didn’t want to change my clothes, however I was well aware that my look was quite sombre and in dire need of injection of some fun. And what could be an easier way of doing it? By wearing some bold and colourful accessories, what else?
Few years ago my daughter, knowing my penchant for statement pieces of jewellery, brought me a very funky multi-coloured necklace that was exactly what I needed. Its brightly coloured pieces looked even more strikingly against my black Cos jumper. Ever since this brand has opened its doors in my local shopping centre few months ago, I’ve become a regular visitor to it. I already bought a dress that I find myself wearing quite often (worn here) and this jumper is my latest acquisition.
But I didn’t stop there. Some people say less is more and some, others, like the stylist to the celebrities Rachel Zoe for example, say more is more. Today was the day for the latter. I discarded my black shoes and handbag and instead put on lace up flats in red patent leather that I bought many years ago at Gallery Lafayette in Paris and added a matching colour LV bag.
When I checked my outfit in the mirror, I thought the pants looked rather long, so I rolled up the cuffs and that added a relaxed feel to my outfit. Once again, my new chambray coat came as a perfect addition to my casual look.

Needless to say, to my husband’s greatest relief, I left home with a big smile on my face and, as I hoped, the four of us had a ball.
The moral of the story:  take it easy, go with the flow and be spontaneous.

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