Friday, 17 June 2016


Hello everyone,

If you ask me what is my most favourite day of the week is, I would say Friday.  I think it comes from the days when I was working in an office full-time and had to wear corporate outfits four days a week except on Friday, which was declared “Casual Friday” and everyone would come in the office looking as if they are about to go on a picnic.

raw hem ripped jeans
And although I don’t work in a corporate environment any more, I still refer to Friday as a day when it would be almost impossible to see me wearing anything else except something extremely casual and when I say casual I mean it. 
raw hem ripped jeans
 And for me nothing could be more relaxed than a pair of jeans and sneakers paired with a t-shirt or a singlet in summer and, in winter, a loose-fitting jumper and an easy fitting shirt underneath nonchalantly left un-tucked.  These items of clothing are the epitome of casual attire and herald in the weekend.
raw hem ripped jeans, Furla messenger bag, Sonia Rykiel scarf
The jeans you see me wearing are my latest acquisition.  I needed a pair of jeans to take with me on my European holiday and so I went and bought the most daring and unconventional looking pair of jeans I have ever had in my life, even when I was younger:  ripped, distressed, ankle-short and with a raw hem, what else could you want!  It seems that as I grow older, my taste in clothes has become more adventurous and I am really enjoying it.
raw hem ripped jeans, Converese sneakers

Jeans from Zara, sneakers from Converse, jumper – Country Road (worn here), shirt – Uniqlo, Messenger bag – Furla (seen here), scarf – Sonia Rykiel and Swarovski cocktail ring.  I cannot say anything about the provenance of the earrings as it was a gift from my daughter.

Their ragged look did not stop me wearing them all the time, they served me well through all the different weather conditions that we experienced during our 4-week trip from the warmth of South Africa to a cold windy Europe. 
I love my ripped jeans
What is your favourite day of the week?  Do you have a day when you like to wear any particular style of clothing?  

Until then

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