Friday, 29 January 2016


I can almost picture, like you, my dear readers rolling your eyes and exhaling a collective "Not another LBD!!!" when you read the heading of my current post and funny enough I would've reacted exactly the same way myself.  However, this dress from Marcs looked so cute on the rack and the price tag was so attractive (post Christmas, New Year, going out of season, etc sale) that I couldn't say no.

Marcs' black lace cocktail dress
You can't have too many LBDs after all.  They all look the same to an untrained eye but we, ladies, know only too well that each one of these dresses is unique.  What kind of normal person would buy two identical dresses anyway?

Marcs' black lace cocktail dress

There were a few reasons that were in favour of this dress:  first of all, I am still in love with non-traditional looking lace, second - I liked the playfulness of the silhouette which is not easy to find in clothes for my age that are described by the designers as age-appropriate, or in this instance - inappropriate. 

Marcs' black lace cocktail dress
Handbag:  Bondi Markets
Bracelet:  Dinosour Designs

Marcs' black lace cocktail dress, Dinosour Design bracelet

And speaking of being inappropriate, despite the fact the double-layered skirt with the fringe hem looks slightly shorter than is expected to be worn at my age but the high neck and the simple design of the bodice balances it off and despite the severity of the colour, sends a vibe of fun and carefree.

Marcs' black lace cocktail dress

Marcs' black lace cocktail dress

Marcs' black lace cocktail dress
Dress:  Marcs
Shoes:  Gorman

My chunky Dalmatian clogs

Paired with the chunky Dalmatian-patterned clogs from Gorman is further proof that I don't want to take things too seriously.