Sunday, 30 August 2015


I can’t believe it has taken me so long to get back into writing mode.  I have two good excuses though, one - I was away for ten days on a holiday and two – a few days after we got back, I fell quite ill and it took me more than a week to shake off a nasty cold but I have since run out of excuses, so I thought that I’d better get back into it before I totally lose the ability to write something more exciting than a comment on Facebook or Instagram.

As the seasons change, I usually go through my clothes trying to establish my options for the upcoming season:  what will be good, what should be changed and what is this old dress is doing in my closet?  I like to be prepared because as is happens quite often, one day the weather is still cold and you need to wear something warm and the next morning you wake up and it is so hot that you can’t wear yesterday’s clothes any more and you panic thinking, OMG, I have nothing to wear!!!

It is during one of these inspections, that I noticed that the number of multi-coloured skirts and pants in my wardrobe far outnumber the amount of solid coloured tops and I need something preferably in neutral colour that can be worn with almost everything thus utilising my existing wardrobe to the max and I decided to rectify the situation immediately and went shopping.
animal print skirt, Country road top, LV shoes and bag
This time of the year, I am talking Australian spring, the shops are full of new season’s clothes representing all trends and fads possible which makes the process of choosing very difficult and sometimes borderline impossible.  I like to have a clear vision of what I am after, otherwise I would come home empty-handed.   What caught my attention, while wandering from store to store, is the strong presence of warm caramel and earthy tones of neutral colours.  Not only are they very gentle on pasty skin tones (the result of being out of the sun for the last four months) but what these hues lack in intensity and volume are greatly compensated by the richness of textures of the fabric, in the unfinished hems of dresses and tops and thick seams intentionally turned inside out.  

I also noticed the new trend in sleeves:  almost every blouse or top have flared or bell-bottom like shape (just like the jeans I used to wear).   And while the latter looked very hot right now, I was leaning towards something more moderate and more adaptable to my working part of the closet.
animal print skirt, Country road top, LV shoes and bag
Today I am wearing it with my animal print pencil skirt that I wore hereAs for accessories, I find a way to make simple looking clothes look more interesting is to adorn it with strong statement pieces like oversized necklaces, thick chains or bright scarfs.

My choice of shoes for today's outfit is Louis Vuitton high heel shoes that I bought while on holiday in Paris few years back.  Interestingly enough but somehow a pencil-skirt-flats combo does not work for me, hence high heels.
country road top

Skirt -  Witchery (as before)
Top - Country Road
Shoes:  Louis Vuitton (I wore them here
Handbag:  Louis Vuitton (as before)
Necklace: Gala Curious
Ring:  Uterque